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Pharaohs of the Second Intermediate Period ‘pencilled in’ tentatively – see PDF Advertisements


The Hyksos (Amalekites) seem to have invaded Egypt shortly after the Exodus which occurred at the end of the 13th dynasty. The Hyksos (Amalekites) may even have crossed paths with the departing Israelites shortly after Moses and the Israelites crossed the Red Sea at Rephidim (Exodus 17:8-16 ). [1] Egypt was destabilised when Moses (Amenemhet IV) went into exile as there was nobody to continue the 12th dynasty. When Amenemhet III died, his […]

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Apopi II (Agog II – Agag) was the last ruler of the Hyksos / Amalekites of the 15-16th dynasty in Lower Egypt (the last Pharaoh of the Second Intermediate Period of Egypt).[1]  He was expelled from Egypt by Kahmose of the Theban 17th dynasty and his brother Ahmose I (who founded the 18th dynasty). Apopi […]

Hyksos  – Amalekites  – Amu Egypt was destabilised when Moses (Amenemhet IV) went into exile as there was nobody to continue the 12th dynasty. When Amenemhet III died, his daughter Sobeknefru had to become pharaoh.  She only lived for 4 years (possibly 8 years) and when she died, the 12th dynasty ended. Egypt suffered massive […]

Ahmose I – Nebpehtyre Ahmose I was the first pharaoh of the 18th dynasty. He was a descendant of the 17th dynasty which was based in Thebes in Upper Egypt. His father Seqenenre and his brother Kahmose were the last 2 pharaohs of the 17th dynasty. His family, originating from Thebes, lead a rebellion against […]

The Bible is a reliable source of historical information. It contains the historical records and the chronicles of Israel. It is not just a record of God’s dealings with mankind. It is God’s word. The Exodus of Israel can be dated to 1446BC as the Bible records that there were 480 years from the Exodus to the […]